Another fun way to study the scriptures is by drawing sketches. This is a great way to make sure you really understood what you read. You can make a game out of it. Hand two friends small dry erase boards. Then have a third person read a piece of text from the Bible. The two competitors will draw and then hold up their sketches. The one with the closest understanding of the text wins. They have to explain their image.
Another easy way to study the Bible is using Popplet. You already love to use technology, why not choose one topic from the Bible that you would like to learn more about and create your own Popplet. It is lots of fun. Write a summary of what you learned in a notebook.  Here is the website: 
Youth, don't get frustrated when reading the Bible. If God left His word, He will equip you to understand it. Remember the basic way of understanding a story. Do the same thing when reading scripture. Ask yourself these questions as you read. You can go a little further and Write a summary paragraph.